SCTC Conference: Giving You the Edge

Real info. No recordings.
Join us for an unforgettable conference that offers honest insights into the challenges we all face as consultants.
You will get insights you won’t find anywhere else and you’ll emerge a savvier, more well-rounded practitioner 
Why the SCTC Conference?
We’ve attended a lot of conferences and a ton of webinars. Some are great… Many are not.

The SCTC Conference offers an exceptional agenda of outstanding sessions, but we don’t think that’s enough.

To be worthy of your time, the SCTC Conference needs to provide value you can’t get anywhere else. So we’ve built an event that is wholly unique, focused on content for consultants.

Hear about real projects from the people who lived them, with real outcomes and lessons learned revealed.
Confidential Case Studies
Exclusive content for attendees.
We ask our speakers to present their candid, real-life stories.
That’s what makes the SCTC Conference so special – it’s your once a year chance to hear this powerful information. And, if you’ve joined our Fireside Chats, you know there’s an incredibly passionate, active, lively community who will be sharing their own experiences and building on what the speakers present.

Stories & numbers.

Trials and triumphs.

Successes and failures.

You’ll hear about real projects and real challenges.

Quality, Not Quantity
One track — so you don’t have to miss sessions

Networking Opportunities
Best of all, there will be time to get to know other consultants and create a strong foundation for future teaming opportunities.