SCTC Conference  |  October 22 – 25, 2023  |  Raleigh, NC


Agenda at a Glance

Sunday, October 22

Join other SCTC Consultant and VAC Members and sample craft beers.

  • Raleigh Beer Garden  614 Glenwood Ave. Raleigh, NC
  • 350 + Beers on Tap
  • 9 miles from the hotel – 14 minute drive

Monday, October 23

Denise Munro – SCTC President

All participants introduce themselves

Speaker:  Dr. Marc Hoit, Chief Information Officer, North Carolina State University  

Speakers:  Beth English (EE & Associates) and Melissa Swartz (Swartz Consulting, LLC)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a hot topic in the industry, and it seems to be everywhere. With all the buzz it can be difficult to parse out what is real.  What should consultants (and their clients) be planning next?  What do consultants need to know to advise clients who are considering the use of AI? This session will provide:

  • A high level overview of AI and potential use cases
  • An approach for evaluating the value of AI projects
  • Guidance on the factors required for a successful project
  • Risks and other considerations

AI is not a “one size fits all” solution. How are vendor approaches different, and why? How is AI used in various vertical markets? What does the future hold?

Speakers: Steve Brock, Brian Reijngoud, Amir Hameed, Chris Vitek

Moderator: Jon Arnold

Speaker: Amir Hameed, Senior Vice President Worldwide Solutions Sales and Engineering, Ring Central

Learn more about what NG911 is and how is it differs from E911.  In this session we’ll explore what it means to your clients, the adoption rates, and what consultants need to know to help their customers.

Speakers: Kevin Kito, Christian Militeau, Martha Buyer, Beth English, John Purnell

Moderator: Greg Pittman

Speaker: Art Yonemoto, Yonemoto & Associates

These myths can lead to increase costs, hasty decisions, loss of function during an emergency.This is a financially and techincally oriented session that identifies common myths, how they can negatively impact your clients. The session provides solutions and ideas. Included is a step by step review of different types of disasters and the pro’s/con’s for each solution (POTS, VoiP, 

Tools, solutions, and guidance are available to create an overall better experience from the agent, customer, and client perspective – and are providing REAL results.

Speakers: Hardy Myers, Becky Powell, Brad Shaw, Karen Smith

Moderator: Barb Grothe

Speaker: Tim Zarkovacki, InTec Consultants 
This session explores how stress is affecting Contact Center Agents, increasing turn overrates, and reducing productivity in call centers all around the work. All attending will also get an exclusive preview of key findings on how stress is affecting productivity and agent turnover. We will explore how the use of AI via chatbots, and other self-service options is raising expectations and increasing the stress on agents.

Tuesday, October 24

Speaker:  Sir Terry Matthews, Chairman, Wesley Clover International. Business Leader  Tech Innovator

Hear from one of the legends in the industry!

Speaker: Kayenat Patil, Manager, Real Time Communications Lab, Illinois Tech

What do young technology innovators think about the future of the industry? Find out in this session.

Speaker:  Barb Grothe, Barb Grothe & Associates
This session will give an overview of what to expect in a Microsoft Teams Deployment. Barb will share the challenges that she faced in the deployment of  MS Teams Voice for an organization of over 6,000 employees during 2021/2022. She will share the issues encountered with the porting process, user adoption, and unexpected roadblocks. She will also share solutions to these challenges. Barb will ask the audience to come up with their own solutions to the challenges and compare them to the actual solution chosen.

New capabilities won’t work without a strong foundation. The basis still matter – networks, wireless, and video surveillance to cyber security and more. Learn what’s available, what’s new and what it all means for consultants.

Speakers: Seo Park, Phil Swain, Vern Fernandez, Robert Handel, Hamisi Amani-Dove

Moderator: Scott Murphy

Speaker:  Scott Murphy, Data Perceptions Inc. 
Declarative infrastructure will play significant roles in shaping our technological landscape. It started with software-defined networking and infrastructure, made popular by public cloud computing providers. The next generation is declarative, where deployment is done by defining the desired functional and security outcomes.

Speaker:  Martha Buyer, Law Offices of Martha Buyer, PLLC
Join Telecom Attorney Martha Buyer during this lively and informative lunchtime session covering the latest legal and regulatory issues in technology and telecom law. 

Take a peek at the future from the vendors’ perspective.  Explore what the future holds for voice and the role it will play, improving quality and reliability of cloud solutions, trends in hybrid work, and how consultants can guide clients as they move forward.

Speakers: John Anderson, Dave Beagle, Gino Toromazote, Ben Treadway

Moderator: Lloyd Halverson

The SCTC’s annual meeting and election of Board of Directors and Officers.  Consultant members only.  The Vendor Advisory Council will conduct concurrent meeting and elections.

Wednesday, October 25

Instructors: Rick Hathaway and Melissa Swartz

Wear clothing you can move in easily.

Speaker: Eric Krapf, General Manager/Program Chair, Enterprise Connect and Publisher, No Jitter

Speaker:  Chuck Vondra, Communication Strategies
This session will help you prepare focused, effective proposals to win more business.

Speaker:  David Duhn, Sourcewell
The public sector is literally screaming for help in developing long range technology solutions. They want to be “smart”, 5G, secure, and green (among others) while serving their constituents. They tell us they have NO idea how to do any of this.In this 15-20 minute session I will share what they are telling us and how YOU can help them get where they want to be. Not sure there has never been a time where the need has been greater for your services.

Moderator: Eric Krafp

Panelists: John Purnell, Ken Kravitz, Barb Grothe

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