SCTC Society of Communications Technology Consultants International

SCTC 2022 Conference – Dallas (Irving), Texas

With Special Keynotes by:

Michael Youngs

Vice President
Information Technology

Dallas Fort Worth
International Airport (DFW)
“This is the Year of Communications”

A communications strategy is essential to enabling a frictionless passenger experience, developing intelligent infrastructure, and moving towards proactive operations at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW). Learn about DFW’s Comprehensive Connectivity Strategy and how its essential role in the airport’s digital transformation.


Hank Hunt

President and CEO

Kari Hunt Foundation

 Hear the inspiring story of a father’s journey from a sleepy East Texas town to the Oval Office with the President of the United States, as he worked to rectify communications failures that ultimately resulted in the death of his daughter, Kari Hunt. This story awoke the telecom industry to a simple problem existing in many phone systems and inspired legislation that is now known as “Kari’s Law”.

Debbie Mrazek

Sales expert and author of
“The Field Guide to Sales: The All Weather, All Terrain Guide to Selling”

“The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create It”

Please join us as we talk about what we want the present and the future to be for our association and individual businesses:
What to do now as we transition for the future
Who will be with us as we go forward
How we will prepare for it
Why the past shapes our future

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