limited engagement


Approximately 2 – 4 hours, including a small discovery, analysis, and a defined deliverable. There is no requirement  to continue beyond this initial engagement.

  • Needs assessment–Legacy Environment
  • UC implementation best practices
  • Ramp up, deployment of UC or CC cloud
  • Collaboration help, work @ Home
  • Contract review
  • Videoconferencing
  • E911 – Kari’s Law
  • Compliance – including work @ home
  • Technology
  • Operations/Process
  • Compliance – including work @ home
  • Telecom Audit
  • Assess current expense management
  • Carrier contract review
  • Cellular review/help
  • Cloud computing and subscriptions
  •  LAN/WAN
  • Wireless
  • Structured cabling
  • IoT
  • Data Security review (high level)
  • DR/Business Continuity

Helping Our Community

Here is some more information about this opportunity

In Partnership with Enterprise Connect

Knowing the challenges many users are facing during COVID-19, the SCTC has recently formed a partnership with Enterprise Connect.

The Offer

This offer is for a limited, pro bono consulting engagement, approximately 2 - 4 hours. It will include a small discovery, analysis, and a deliverable.

You are in control

There is no requirement for the user/client to continue beyond this initial engagement. Should there be a desire by the user to engage the consultant, such work can be worked out privately between the consultant and the end user client.

Quality Control

An SCTC Committee member will follow up with the client to obtain feedback, in order to ensure the engagement was satisfactory and a success to SCTC standards.

How to qualify for Free Consulting

  • Must be a Manager level or above (with the authority to approve the engagement)

  • Have at least 100 end points/phones or more 

  • Located in these areas: USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Spain, or The Netherlands

  • After the engagement, we request that you provide your honest feedback on your experience.


  • Expect an initial acknowledgement response in 3-5 days that we have received your request (as we secure a consultant to assist)
  • The engagement may last 1-2 weeks as we  conduct our discovery. We may request further information.

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