Connections That

Build Success

Are you an independent consultant who wants to increase your business? Are you looking for:

teaming on projects

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Members report partnering with fellow members on client projects that lead to business growth.

continuous updates

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of members surveyed report gaining knowledge or insights from fellow members.



SCTC sponsored events for making connections and building knowledge in the last 12 months.


SCTC is the premier professional organization for independent consultants who are using the power of connections to grow their practices. Our members commit annually to a strict code of ethics, ensuring they work for the client’s benefit only and do not receive financial compensation from vendors and service providers. 

Member Benefits

Just a few of the perks our members can take advantage of:

Expert Community

Members gain access to a wealth of information with the knowledge and experience of other members, which also fuels our consultant Listserv. Members also have access to our Vendor Advisory Committee for assistance with client engagements.

Conferences & Webinars

Weekly Fireside Chats update members on relevant industry topics with consultant-focused content. SCTC's annual conference features insights from industry leaders plus time to deepen existing connections and make new ones.

Networking & Partnerships

SCTC offers you the opportunity to meet elite professionals with expertise in many areas. The SCTC provides a wealth of opportunities to initiate and foster new business relationships, potentially resulting in more consulting opportunities.

$3,282.50 in savings and benefits!

Talking Pointz subscription ($600)
Enterprise Connect discount ($400)
Video Marketing programs at 63% off ($600/year)
$1,500 discount on custom video
$182.50 in legal services + reduced rates for additional work

Praise for SCTC from our members: