Finding the Right Advisor


Consultants are in a unique field. For technology consultants, there are no certifications required to establish expertise or credibility.

Anyone can claim to be a consultant.  

In fact, many vendors have employees who have “consultant” somewhere in their job title, and they may actually provide advice to customers.

Underneath it all, however, these “consultants” are typically in some type of sales role where their true job is to get you to spend (more) money with their company. In most instances, there is some sort of compensation or reward for a successful effort.

Often, these “consulting” services are provided at no charge. But make no mistake—these free “consultants” are paid a commission if you buy their recommended solution.

But are they recommending the best solution for you?  Are their recommendations limited to the products that are sold by their company?

Or are they recommending the solution that pays them the highest commission?

There’s no way to know.

Here are some examples of real promotions that have been offered in the market. Do you really think that  offers like this won’t influence a recommendation? 

Is there another way?

Fortunately, there are independent technology consultants who are vendor agnostic.

Who are not compensated by vendors.

Who have no conflicts of interest.

How can you find an independent consultant?

The Society of Communication Technology Consultants (SCTC) is an association of independent consultants who are vetted for independence and experience. Members must meet requirements for experience in the industry, provide references, and agree to uphold the ethical and professional standards of the SCTC.

The screening process is thorough. Not every applicant is admitted.

In an industry without certifications for expertise or credibility, you can be sure that SCTC members have met rigorous requirements.