You’re the contact center expert,
and your clients look to you for answers...

What happens when you have questions?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a group of experts you can turn to? SCTC has your back.

The SCTC is a group of communication technology experts who are like you: dedicated to serving our clients to the best of our abilities.

So what can SCTC do for you?

1. Offer practical experience

If you have questions, our members may have answers. With membership, you have access to a group of people who think like you, and are willing to provide assistance when you need it.  

"The SCTC is great! Ask a question, get 5 answers in 15 minutes. Can’t beat it."
-Chuck Vondra
Communication Strategies

2. Enhance your team

There are times where you may need some additional expertise. Don’t turn down the business opportunity! Turn to the SCTC team.

"We received two hot leads last week for services that were just incrementally beyond our areas of expertise. In case 1, we are teaming with another group and our presentation was well received. The other lead also worked well. We had a call today with eager buyers, and I was still scrambling to find the SME. 10 minutes prior to the call I called an SCTC member, who had the SME and agreed to the call with 2 minutes to spare. He hit it out of the park. I would guess we have a great chance on both these jobs. Thanks SCTC!"
-Chuck Vondra
Communication Strategies

3. Provide education and networking

Our national and regional conferences provide opportunities to keep up with industry changes and grow your network at the same time. Webinars and fireside chats provide consultant-focused information to enhance your practice and keep you up-to-date.

Thank you to everyone who put it countless hours this past year in preparation to making this year’s conference such a great success. I always find it refreshing and inspiring to be around so many great and like-minded people who all share such a similar passion as my own.
-Ryan J. Larsen
Urban-Technology Group, Inc.

Member Benefits

Just a few of the perks our members can take advantage of:

Networking & Partnerships

SCTC offers you the opportunity to meet elite professionals who share your business practices and objectives. Through SCTC you will find a wealth of opportunities to initiate and foster new business relationships potentially resulting in more consulting opportunities.

Conferences & Webinars

SCTC's annual conference features insights from top consultants in the industry and time to deepen existing connections and make new ones. SCTC also offers regional events and a variety of educational webinars designed specifically for consultants.


Members gain access to a wealth of information with the knowledge and experience of other members, which fuels our consultant Listserv. Members also have access to our Vendor Advisory Committee for assistance with client engagements.

Regulatory Attorney Support

The SCTC’s regulatory attorneys are available for routine inquiries, free of charge, to SCTC Members in order to help them stay up-to-date on regulatory items that may affect clients.

Contact centers are complex...
We've got your back!

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